SQL Database Downloads


We provide the entire data set used by as a PostgreSQL archive, which includes DATA Act data from Fiscal Year 2001 to present.

Additionally, we offer a much smaller subset of the data for developers or testers as PostgreSQL archive.
It includes a random sampling of awards, submission, and reference data. Which are enough data for running the application locally

Database download archives are generated on a monthly basis.


Setup guide to downloading, unzipping, and restoring our database:
usaspending-db-setup.pdf (69.8 KB)

Please read the setup guide prior to downloading either database as it outlines the operations process.
It sets expectations on hard disk space needed for the fully restored complete database, and provides technical requirements.


Name Description Link Zip File Size
USAspending Database 2024-02-08 zip Complete PostgreSQL Dump Archive full database zip 134G
Subset Database 2024-02-08 zip Reduced-data PostgreSQL Dump Archive subset database zip 5.4G